Made wholly from Canada’s abundant natural resources, our sculptures offer a special connection to our land and the rich history of our country. Each handcrafted piece is a one-of–a kind creation that will express your personality, define your space and enrich your lifestyle.

All photos are representative and as close to the original as possible. Slight variations, however, may occur.

Northern Expressions I Igloo Trademark
The Igloo Trademark is the Government of Canada’s Certificate of authenticity for Inuit carvings. 

In order to (a) guarantee the authenticity and originality of Inuit carvings for the protection of consumers, and (b) protect Inuit carvers from exploitation, the Government of Canada registered the Igloo Trademark as proof that the artwork is an authentic Inuit carving and the carver has been fairly paid. All Inuit carvings carried by Northern Expressions bear the Igloo trademark.

204 artworks

Inuit Art | Northern Expressions
Joe Jaw Ashoona
Shaman Transformation
Bird - Northern Expressions
Toonoo Sharky
Sedna by Toonoo Sharky. Original Inuit soapstone carving with igloo tag. One-of-a-kind
Toonoo Sharky
Fish - Northern Expressions
Pits Niviaqsi
Collage - Northern Expressions
Beluga on Base - Northern Expressions
Idris Moss-Devis
Beluga on Base
Master carver Idris Moss's Sedna and bear in alabaster
Idris Moss-Davies
Sedna and Bear
Basket - Northern Expressions
Betsy Meeko Snr
Sedna carving in soapstone
Jacoposie Tiglik
Beautifully carved soapstone whales
Kakee Peter
Bird - Northern Expressions
Toonoo Sharky
Inuit Carving | Northern Expressions
Kooyoo Peter
Walking Bear
Narwhal by Inuk Charlie. Original Inuit soapstone carving with igloo tag. One-of-a-kind
Inuk Charlie
Bear with Fish - Northern Expressions
Ottokie Ashoona
Bear with Fish
Inuit Art | Northern Expressions
Jaco Ishulutaq
Inuit Art | Northern Expressions
Adam Qaumagiaq
Walking Bear