Honouring Kenojuak Ashevak 1927-2013 (Cape Dorset)

“I just take these things out of my thoughts and out of my imagination and I don’t really give any weight to the idea of its being an image of something. In other words, I am not trying to show what anything looks like in the material world... that is just my style and that is the way I started and that is the way I am today.” Kenojuak, in an interview with Jean Blodgett, 1980

Kenojuak achieved worldwide recognition as one of Canada’s prominent icons of modern Inuit art and maintains a position of high esteem and value among Inuit art collectors and art galleries. Born in an igloo on Baffin Island in October 1927, she was the first woman to be involved with the print making co-operative at Cape Dorset.

Extremely versatile in the use of different art media, she produced a large collection of desired drawings, stonecut prints and etchings. In recognition of her creativity, she became the subject of a National Film Board documentary by producer John Feeney titled Eskimo Artist: Kenojuak, in 1963. She was a recipient of several awards including the Governor General’s Award in Visual and media Arts in 2008. A number of her prints have been reproduced on Canadian postage stamps.

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2017 Cape Dorset Annual Print Collection

I am pleased to announce that the official opening of the 2017 Cape Dorset Print collection is scheduled for October 21, 2017. Northern Expressions will have the collection available on the launch date at our website and store locations.

This year's collection (each in an edition of 50) consists of 30 images and features the last works of the late Tim Pitsiulak. Other well renowned and up and coming artists include: Quvianaqtuk Pudlat, Saimaiyu Akesuk, Kakulu Saggiaktok, Qavavau Manumie, Annie Parr, Nicotye Samayualie, Ooloosie Saila, Nuna Parr, Pitaloosie Saila, Cee Pootoogook, Malaija Pootoogook, Shuvinai Ashoona, Simeonie Tevee and Ningiukulu Tevee.

Here's a preview of some of the outstanding work in this year's collection. Please be aware that these images are very low resolution and do not compare to the quality of the prints.

Email us at store@northernexpressionsart.ca to request a full preview in higher resolution.


Olu Falope

2017 Cape Dorset Print Collection I Northern Expressions
2017 Cape Dorset Print Collection I Northern Expressions
2017 Cape Dorset Print Collection I Northern Expressions
2017 Cape Dorset Print Collection I Northern Expressions
2017 Cape Dorset Print Collection I Northern Expressions

Sunrise Ceremony at Toronto City Hall

National Aboriginal Day I Toronto City Hall

Celebrating Aboriginal Day 2017

In Canada, the month of June is National Aboriginal History Month. June 21, the first day of summer, is recognized as National Aboriginal Day, a special time to honour and celebrate our aboriginal peoples: First Nations, Inuit and Metis.

As I think of this years aboriginal day, the total acceptance, warmth and hospitality my wife and I enjoyed during our time in the Inuit territories of Nunavik and Nunavut and the Cree village of Whapmagoostui between 2007 and 2014, remains fresh in my mind. 

In Quaqtaq, we were eagerly invited to share in the community freezer as soon as we arrived. The community freezer was supplied with hunted food supplies paid for by the Municipal office. Supplies at the freezer varied with ample supplies of arctic char, lake trout, caribou sometimes and sometimes nothing at all. Nevertheless, this situation was no deterrent to our open invitation to partake. It was an honour system and in spite of recurrent scarcity, no one took more than was required.

While Whapmagoostui had no community freezer, the sense of hospitality was generally the same. During the goose hunting season, we received fresh and roasted goose from our Cree friends. Among the Cree, laughter was in no short supply and it was in their arena that I learned to skate without ever paying a dime.

As I often share with our customers at Northern Expressions, in showcasing aboriginal art, we strive to maintain an environment and tradition of warmth and friendliness in serving our customers. For us, the art we showcase projects the creativity, resourcefulness and resilience of our First Peoples. 

Happy National Aboriginal Day 2017!

National Aboriginal Day 2017 I Northern Expressions



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Northern Expressions now open at Jordan Village, Niagara

Northern Expressions is now open to the public at quaint Jordan Village, at the heart of  wine country, Niagara. 

Home to the renowned Cave Spring Cellars and Inn On The Twenty, the new 1500 square foot space is carefully designed to provide a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere among the best collection of Inuit art. 

The gallery is open 7 days a week from 10:00am till 6:00pm.

We look forward to seeing you!