Daniel Inukpuk

"I think carving is an important part of our culture, but the generation today have more interests other than carving, so it seems inevitable that we will start to lose that part of our culture" (2009) – Inuit Art Foundation

Daniel Inukpuk, was born in 1942 and started around 1960. His sculpture was first exhibited in Eskimo Sculpture, a show organized by the Winnipeg Art Gallery in 1967. Since then his work has been exhibited in other parts of the world including the US, Israel, Japan and parts of Europe. He has spoken about the challenges carvers are facing obtaining desirable stones for carving. (Credits: DFA, Inuit Art Foundation)

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Mother and Child - Northern Expressions | Daniel Inukpuk - Carving | | Canadian Indigenous & Inuit Art
Daniel Inukpuk
Mother and Child
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